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Golf Gifts For Men
By Matthew Seigneur, Fri Dec 9th

Golf gift items for the man in your life

Chances are your man plays and gifts for the man inyour life can be found about any here.

Hereís a great idea for a gift bound to please most anyman. Give him a basket filled with all sorts of golfingaccessories, youíre guaranteed to put a smile on his face andbring him some joy!

Golf baskets filled with items include great golfing accessoriessuch as a golfing hand towels, a ball caddy, golfersinstruction manuals, balls, tees, umbrella and perhapsa new sports shirt or two. Surprise him by having a giftbasket delivered to his office with a greens fee to his favoritecourse. Itís a great way to make him feel special!

Hereís a gift thatís nice itís called a Cooler. Itsstylish canvas cooler resembles a bag fluffed with aninsulated cold storage area that's large enough to actually holdsome wine bottles! There are many compartments for keepingpersonal items such as wallets or wireless phones safe and ahook to hang keys. It also has a separate dry section in the lidfor a sandwich or snack! It also comes with glasses, napkins anda bottle opener and corkscrew to help celebrate a champion roundof golf!

Some other gift items for the man in your life mightinclude instructional video tapes and DVDs. There arehundreds of instructional video tapes and DVDs that

makegreat gifts for men who are always looking for new ways toimprove their game strategies and tips and tricks. Even golfmagazine subscriptions are another great gift for men. Nowletís step outside the traditional line of gift items forthe man in your life...

... and surprise him with something extra special like a WallMural for the Golfer. Decorate his den or study with a beautifulwall mural of his favorite hole on one of his favorite golfcourses. You can find many murals ready to hang or evenbetter have an artist paint it for you.

Golf gift items for the man in your life donít have to be boringwhen you can spice up his bag. Look for some cool headcovers in a theme he likes like jungle animals, Looney tunes,dogs or bears. How about a special putter or favorite ironwith a cool logo on something he likes? They even make talkinggolf head covers and this would be a very unique gift for anyman and it will make a great conversation piece when heís on thecourse.

There are so many gift items for the man in your life witha little imagination you might decorate his bath room with golfbath accessories. Get some bath towels, showercurtains, waste basket, soap dish and some great art.This gift for the man will surely be a smash.

About the author: Provides gift ideas and uniquegifts for men, visit for somecool gadgets you can buy for men!

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And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our vw golf website.

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