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Hit Your Drives Longer And Straighter – Is A Square Driver In Your Future?
By Jim Newell
The major club makers have done it again…just when you finally have your latest driver dialed in to your swing and desired flight path…they offer new and different technology that is advertised to let you hit longer and more accurate drives!

No doubt you have seen the ads for the new square drivers offered by a couple of the biggest major brand names. If you are like most golfers…you just have to have any club that offers longer and straighter drives. The problem is that you already spent anywhere from $300 to $700 for the last big leap in driver technology, and now to get your hands on a square driver is going to cost another $400 to $500, and you are not sure if you can trust the advertising.

There are a couple of things you can try…you could ask your buddy who just forked over the big bucks to let you hit his…yeah right. You could ask your pro shop to let you hit one, some will let you take one to the driving range, some will even let you play a round, the problem with this approach is that you can’t get enough play with it to see if it really works.

You can of course buy one, I would suggest any of the major Internet or Brick & Mortar retailers, they will have a good selection for you to choose from and will offer a competitive price. While this is a great option it still does not solve the high price dilemma.

Here is another solution, one that I tried the last time around. Buy a clone from a reputable maker/marketer

of clone clubs, or build your own club from components from one of the reputable component makers, (as of the time I wrote this article, I had not found a component maker offering a square driver head yet) Check, they should have something in the works very soon. What you will get is a club made to very similar specifications that will perform as well as and maybe even better than the major brand name. The clone club will cost around $100 at any of the reputable clone club makers. The component makers will have models out soon, with the opportunity for similar prices. After you have used your clone or component square driver long enough to see if you like the new technology, you can buy the major brand name if you really need to, and sell the clone or component club to a buddy or on eBay.

While the jury is still out on square drivers, the player comments and ratings on the various websites, seem to support the advertising.

Jim Newell is the publisher of "It's about the passion for The Game" Check the website for more articles and ways to make your game more enjoyable!

Jim Newell is the publisher of - "It's about the passion for The Game" - Check the website for more articles and ways to make your game more enjoyable!

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to golf that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

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