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Vital Golf Swing Movement Brings Success
I think it is what you say about how to swing the arms correctly that has caused a real improvement in my swing. I've been playing for 18 years and I have never before managed to quite master this movement. But now the club seems to come squarely onto the ball every time I swing.

Yours is the first book I've read about the swing which has a really clear description of how to use one's arms properly, and what a difference it makes once one manages to master this simple movement. I really enjoy hearing that solid 'click' sound every time the club head strikes the ball.

I remember reading in Ben Hogan's excellent book on the swing about the hands 'supinating' and never being to understand quite what he meant. Your description of how to achieve this vital movement is so much clearer to me. How I wish I'd understood it years ago.

I must say that when I first downloaded your swing book I was a bit apprehensive. But the great benefit of it being so easy

to read is that I go back to it time and again to find other ways to fine tune my swing more and more.

I always knew that I was never swinging the club properly. But now I feel that I've mastered an effective swing and I have a clear movie in my mind of how it should look and feel. And because it is so clearly etched into my mind I feel sure that I will continue to play well.

I really feel that the days of watching my ball fade away to the right are over forever. Having mastered a swing that makes my shots fly further and straighter is just so much fun. And it's even more fun when I hear the grasps of surprise from others in the group I've been playing with for over ten years.

This article is taken from an e-mail sent in by a delighted golfer who had been playing for 18 years before he found a really effective way to hit the ball.

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