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Tips For Curing Your Golf Slice
By Rick Gargin
Here you will find interesting and hopefully useful to you tips and tricks on how to cure the slice.

Playing with a slice is like driving a Ferrari in a traffic jam. It takes away the joy from the game and can just leave you wondering why you are spending so much money for nothing. Sure, even the Pros slice the ball from time to time, nobody is perfect, it's also normal for novice players to slice all the time. But if you want to develop your game, then you must fix your swing.

Let's start with an explanation of what slice is and what are the causes. Here is the mechanical explanation behind a slice. Slice is a term describing a specific left-to-right type of trajectory of the ball for right-handers, opposite for lefties. A right-hander or a lefty, when a slice occurs, the ball ends up way right or left from the target area. If you examine the game of pro golfers, you will notice that they try to hit the ball squarely and straight, otherwise the ball wills spin which ultimately results in a slice.

The most basic principle that will help you avoid the slice is to try to have the club face squared to the swing path at the point of impact. A slice is caused when the club face is open (twisted in one direction) at the point of impact. Which on the other hand can be caused by an incorrect grip, wrong setup, poor body action (swing), or a combination of all those mistakes.

The most common reason for a slice is the grip is too weak and too tight with the handle in the palm's tree. Make sure your

motion is controllable, it's about gently swinging the club, not haking it. If you look at how Pro golfers do it, you will see that they don't put much pressure into their swing, they do it almost effortlessly.

Achieving the right balance and rhythm is also important for curing the slice. To have good balance rhythm means to perform the entire motion properly from start to finish. Swing easy and hit hard. The way you position your body before the swing can really make a difference. Your body weight must equally balanced between your left and right food.

Never forget that is a mental sport, not physical. It all happens in the mind, so you must be concentrated, totally focused in the game. Forget about the everyday problems and just concentrated on the game. You must be able to become one with the ball in order to produce the perfect shot.

Of course, there is no magical system. You can't turn from slicer to a pro in one night. There are some good anti-slicing techniques available online, but they alone won't help you. Practice, practice, practice.

Basically, all you need to start playing is a set of Golf Clubs - three woods, collection of 3-9-irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. Author - Rick Gargin.
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