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How To Make A Straight Golf Stroke
By Jeff Austin
Strokes are not unlike fingerprints, there are no two the same, the stance, grip and how the golfer uses his body create unique strokes for each golfer.

The first essential of hitting good putts time after time is a straight stroke each time.

At some point in a long stroke, the putter will come inside your target line, if it does not, it is because you are forcing the putter to stay on the line, and this tires you out, and damages your game.

The theory is simple, if the putter is following the target line when it hits the ball, the ball will start on that line and in all probability stay on that line, unless your grip is not right and the putter is not hitting the ball straight on.

If you choose to use a different stroke from the straight back, straight through, it is possible to do so effectively, however it takes a great deal of practice and can create problems during a stressful situation on the course.

When you are putting is the least opportune time to have problems with your putt, and should be avoided.

In order to use

a different stroke successfully, (like the inside-square-inside stroke) you must be willing to devote huge amounts of time to your practice.

If the putter is not traveling straight down the target line, the statistics are greater for a missed shot.

For instance if a putt is 10 degrees off the target line, it can send the ball off by 8 inches, nearly twice the width of the hole.

Always begin with your shoulders parallel to the target line, as the ball will travel on a line parallel to your shoulders.

While it may be comfortable to address the ball with your shoulders open, left of the target line causes many putts to travel across the target line.

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