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Quick Guide To Oddball Scholarships
By Steve Bishop, Sat Dec 10th

Do you need help with the myriad of college expenses and tuitionyou will encounter in higher education? You can apply forscholarships to help you cover some or all of the costs. Whenyou think of scholarships you most likely think of academicscholarships for class Valedictorians. Or athletic scholarshipsfor athletes recruited for collegiate sports. While these typesof scholarships are more prevalent, they are not the only avenuefor earning scholarship money. Just take a look at some of theseoddball scholarships available.

Oddball scholarships for caddies: Do you have an interestin golf? Did you play on the high school team, but was not at ahigh enough level to be recruited to the college team? Are youconsidering becoming a professional after college? Thenbecome a caddie and put yourself in the running for thegolf caddie scholarship. This type of scholarship is offered atmany colleges and universities. Upon acceptance of thescholarship, some students are required to work for the localcollege or university course.

Oddball scholarships for descendants of the signers of theDeclaration of Independence: If you can trace your family treeback to a signer of the Declaration of Independence then you areeligible to apply for this scholarship. Family history must beverified. Currently the scholarship is around $1,500 and thestudent must attend a four year Public university.

It looks likeit is time to trace your family genealogy and see if you mightbe in the running for this scholarship.

Oddball scholarships for shooting sports: Have you participatedin the American Legion Shooting Sports program at the state orregional levels? If so, then you can apply for this $250scholarship.

Oddball scholarships for accordion players: Are you a skilledaccordion player? Then why not participate in the AmericanAccordion Musicological Society Contest? The applicationdeadline for this contest is in September with an award of$1,000.

Oddball scholarships from the Danish Sisterhood of America: Areyou a member of the Danish Sisterhood of America or a child of amember? This will make you eligible. The scholarship is awardedbased on academic achievement. The scholarship can be up to$1,000.

The list of oddball scholarships is endless. You can access freeand fee required scholarship databases on the Internet. Fill outa profile including your academic background, college goals, andany unique activities you do. You are bound to find an oddballscholarship that is geared toward these activities or interests.

About the author:To Discover more about oddball scholarships and college grantsplease goto

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