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Improving Golf Swing
By Will T, Fri Dec 9th

There are some fundamental rules to the game of golf. Seriousgolfers often disagree on what the basics consist of, but if youare among the millions who desperately want to improve theirgolf swing, these basic tips will help you tremendously and saveyou a lot of frustration.

The three most important steps you should keep in mind are tokeep your head perfectly still, relax your muscles, and keepyour club head traveling in a straight line while making contactwith the ball. The simple act of keeping your head stillthroughout your shot can improve your swing immediately. Bykeeping your club head in a straight line while making contactwith the ball, you will avoid slicing and several otherundesirable results.

Relaxing your muscles will aid you tremendously in keeping theproper balance. Balance is imperative to a good swing.Stand comfortably so you can reach the ball easily and rememberthat the muscles that propel the ball are the same muscles thattwist the body and are the most powerful. No matter what strokeyou are making or what club you are playing with, balance is thefoundation to a good swing, and you must keep your musclesrelaxed to achieve perfect balance. Balance really is thecure-all for many faults of golf. Think about keeping your headstill and maintaining your balance at all times and you willhave a foundation for an excellent game.

In the game of golf, no two people ever swing at the ball in thesame way. Because of your individual body build, you developyour own individual set of muscles. A method of swinging a golfclub used by one person who is of a different build and hasdeveloped a different set of muscles may not be of value to you.Golf will always be an individual sport. Find the method ofplaying that will produce results for you, and then go with it.When you are ready to play a game, and you are faced with ashot, make your decision on how you are going to do things. Donot be persuaded to change your methods every time you have abad game.

Make sure you keep your eye on the ball and that any stance youtake will allow you to see the ball from every point of thestroke. If your swing is off, go back to these fundamentalrules and plan each shot in advance. Take your time and developyour own methods that work best for you, but keep in mind thesebasic principles and you will notice a definite improvement inyour game.

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