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Golf--find Out How To Get A Grip Of Your Golf Swing
By Justin Flowers
Are you suffering from a swing that's different every time? Being aware of what to expect when you tee off will assist you to get the scores you want. But to master the swing, it's essential that you make sure you get the basics right. You must realize that one of the essentials of a consistently good swing is your grip, or in other words the way you hold the club. A majority of fairway mishaps can be avoided with a proper grip.

How can something as small as your grip make such a big difference? Your grip is how you connect with the club. What your club face is doing at the point of impact all depends on your grip. swing power can also be traced back to the grip, better-grip equals more power.

Three basic sorts of grip cover what most golfers are doing: the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the two-handed or baseball grip.

The overlapping grip is the most common. It's especially well-suited for golfers with larger hands. The overlapping grip is achieved by putting the little finger of your trailing hand in the middle of the index and middle fingers of your leading hand (for right-handed golfers, your trailing hand will be your right hand). You should take care to ensure that the club is held more in your fingers rather than in the palm of your hands. It should help you to get a better feel. The improved wrist action you get with the overlapping grip will help boost the power of your swing. If you finish up slicing the ball or don't appear to have power, check to see if your club has moved into the palm of your leading hand.

You'll spot golfers on the LPGA using the interlocking grip quite often. One reason is that this grip is a useful solution for players with medium-sized hands. So, if you think the interlocking grip is just for women, you'd be wrong. Golfing legends Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have

both used the interlocking grip in their careers. A big plus of the interlocking grip is how it locks your hands as a unit. But it's also easy for the club to move into your palms. When using the interlocking grip, remember to use a light grip pressure. Gripping too tightly might lead to weak slices. The lightness of your grip is what will provide the right amount of club rotation. How do you know if you're gripping too tightly? One clue is that your hands start to ache before you finish playing.

You may know the intertwined grip is also known as the ten finger grip or baseball grip. It is the less popular of these three grips although it has a few advantages. It's particularly suited to golfers with smaller hands, or if you happen to suffer from stiff joints. Key advantages include more power and better swing support. The downside is that control of the club head is more difficult.

The best way to improve your grip is to spend sufficient time at the driving range. Regular, dedicated practice will help you to become more confident with the feel of your grip and help with your swing. Whenever you are under stress, you tend to squeeze harder, which is always bad for your swing. Even though you may find actual play is much more fun than practice, the driving range is the place to adjust and improve your grip.

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