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Developing Your Golf Routine
By Jeff Austin
People seldom realize how many things in their lives have become routine, from getting out of bed in the morning until you retire to bed at night there are several routines you perform.

A routine is simply a series of motions that you do so often that it becomes second nature, in other words, you dont even realize that you do it that way every time.

As with other things in life, there is a need to develop a routine for your game, some golfers will start by standing behind the ball, aligning it with the hole, and then you may choose your plan of flight for the shot.

After settling in over the ball you may wiggle a few times to get yourself comfortable, and then take a deep breath and swing.

This is routine for you, and you should always follow your routine each time you prepare to take s shot.

You wont always follow it exactly, but it will be close enough that both you and other golfers will recognize it as your pre-shot routine.

What a routine does is get you mentally and physically ready to take a shot, your best possible swing on the ball.

It prepares your mind

to get ready to swing as it shuts down all other distractions, you focus on the conditions and the shot, using all the motions you have spent hours on the driving range developing.

There is no particular pre-stroke routine that works for all golfers; as a matter of fact you will find your own which allows you to get ready to take your shot.

It should involve a couple of glances at the hole, along with a trigger that allows your mind to go into auto-pilot before taking your swing.

It could involve any number of things, a slight forward movement of the hands, a swing of the hips to settle in more comfortably or a final glance at the hole.

When you find yours, always use the same pre-shot routine.

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