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Never Slice Again! Incredible Teaching Tips Revealed That Guarantee Straighter Ball Flight
By webchris
Never Slice Again! Did you know there are 3 types of slices in golf. You need to know which one you do in order to fix it. Maybe you've been trying to fix the wrong type of slice all this time. The secret move that will help you stop from coming over the top of the ball. I'll teach you the anti-sidespin setup and three incredible drills that will have you on your way to hitting the ball straighter and further than you ever have in your life.

Let's start with the 3 types of slices. Chances are you are hitting the ball in one of these 3 ways if your a "slicer".

1. The Straight Slice- this happens when you path is straight and in alignment, but you leave you club face open just a little bit. The result- the ball starts off straight, it's looking good for the fist 150 yards, and then it slowly starts to fade down the right side of the fairway.

2. The Pull Slice- Your swing path is outside-in and your club face is open- Double whammy! The result you start off left to over compensate and then your ball takes a right turn down the fairway and ends up way right.

3. The Push Slice- Your swing path is inside-out and your club face is open. Ouch! The result- Your start going right, right off the bat (I mean club) and keep going right, and keep going right, and keep going right. You get my point.

Why is it important to know which slice you hit? Well, the reason is, in order to fix it you need to know if it a swing path problem, a an open faced club problem or both. Once you know that, you can work on these drills I'll explain later to help you fix them.

The #1 slice causing problem is improper swing path. You hit the ball square but it's the angle your club hits the ball the causes the slice. This would result in a straight ball off the tee, but one that fades down the right side of the fairway after it's out there a ways.

Here is a very simple but very effective drill that will help you alleviate the problem. Setup in your normal position, feet just past shoulder width, knees slightly bent, only this time take your back foot and move it so your toes are just about in line with your heal of your front foot. Now take some practice swings. This will force you to hit the ball with an inside-out path and make your balls go much straighter off the tee, and stay straighter down the fairway. Get a feel for this

and then move your back foot back into position. You'll be hitting it straighter right away.

The next most common slice is the open club face. Even if the club face is open just one measly little degree, it can send your ball off by more than 10 yards. For this next drill you may want someone to video tape your or at least watch what you are doing to tell you the results.
Take your normal backswing with say 5 or 6 iron. Now stop at the top of your swing, just before you would begin your downswing. (This is where you'll need some help). Where is your club head pointing? If it's pointing down you will have an open club face at impact. If it's pointing right, your too closed. In the correct position you shouldn't even see the club face from behind, it should be perfectly parallel with the shaft at 45 degrees. Work on various grips and setup's until you can get the correct position at the top of your swing. Just a minor little tweak will make a big difference. Don't over due it.

A drill to help get proper swing plane...take 2-3 middle irons at a time. swing them back and forth over and over again in your warm up, this will help you produce a proper backswing and swing through the target correctly on the proper plane. The reason being is that you can't swing too hard with 3 clubs at a time. This lead me to my next point...

And finally stop trying to kill it! You'll get more power from a centered contact than you would from an open faced hit or a swing with an improper plane. There is just too much that has to happen at the exact pin-point second in a swing to hit the ball properly. If your coming out of your shoes and your balance is off, forget about it. You can swing as hard as you can and it still won't go as far as a 3/4 swing that is squared up and right in the center of the club head. Don't go too far back in your backswing, if your not that flexible, your balance will be off and so will your swing path. Just take a nice slow backswing until you feel the tension and then begin your downswing.

Chris McCann is a successful entrepreneur who enjoys helping golfers improve their game by using very simple techniques. Read more at

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