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Ochoa Wins The Female Ap Athlete Award Once Again
By Cindy Ferguson
The 26-year-old professional Mexican golfer has made her country very proud as she is the only golfer in Mexico’s history to be ranked number one in the world. This is something she has worked towards since she was only 12 years-old. Ochoa’s effort and hard work paid off with her first major championship at the Women’s British Open where she made history for being the first female in winning a professional event at St. Andrews. During the same year she became the first LPGA Tour player to top $4 million in just one season. Ochoa then replaced Annika Sorenstam in the number one spot in the women’s world ranking.

Before her most recent achievement Ochoa had two previous opportunities of being number one including the Kraft Nabisco Championship and the Women’s Open; unfortunately in both cases her chances were cut short either due to triple bogeys or poor tee shots. However, Ochoa found those to be reasons to keep working harder and not give up.

Lorena is considered a very humble, polite and extremely pleasant person. One way to

prove such personality characteristics is the fact that she signs autographs from everyone at the end of LPGA Tour gatherings. She also donated $100,000 to the flood victims located in Mexico and has a large amount set aside designated to the construction of new schools for the children in need that live in her home town. Apart from her career, she is working on improving her English skills in order to broaden her vocabulary.

Many of her fellow players do agree to the fact she indeed earned this award and is considered the one person that has worked the hardest to achieve it.

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