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Prevention Of Elbow Pain
By Winwing
Prevention of Elbow Pain

In work or play, it is very natural to suffer injuries during the cause of activity. The most common problem is pain on body, limbs and joints. Some of these injuries cannot be managed completely by medication and massage treatment, especially the elbow. The fact that after so much of rest and extensive treatments, it can recur easily and that is the reason appropriate measures must be adopted to prevent it from happening from the beginning. In this article, useful guides on the prevention of elbow pain will be discussed.

-Ensure you do not over use your elbow, have rest in between each individual work.

-Handle only load that within your capability, ask for help if the load is too heavy. Another good way is to use the help of equipment.

-Do the proper stretching of the arm muscles before carrying heavy load, avoid sudden lifting and lowering of the load.

-Follow the proper lifting technique by holding the load closed to your body so as to minimize the tension on the tendon of arm and elbow.

-Do the basic warm up exercise before your sports especially the muscles and tendons of the arm and elbow joint.

-Avoid repeated movement of the elbow, it will weaken and wear the tendon of this area.

-Use only the sports equipment that within your ability and capability, for the choice of proper equipment it depends a lot on the height, build and the personal fitness.

-Just like lifting technique, adopt

proper game posture and techniques to ensure the impact on elbow is minimum.

-If you have earlier or minor injury, try to wear the counter balance band (available in all sport shops/outlets). This band is being worn just below the elbow and it will help to distribute the pressure to the whole arm and prevent the impact being concentrating on the elbow. However, be sure to allow proper blood circulation due to over tightening of the band.

It is definite that no one likes to suffer from elbow pain, follow these tips will help to stop or at least minimize the chance of injury. The next critical thing to take note is your body reaction, if pain started and persisted, stop the activities immediately and apply cold dressing to the injured part to prevent the injury from going worst. Have adequate rest and try to find out where has gone wrong, did you stretch your muscles before exercise? repeated movement or over used your elbow? are you very very tire?

For cure of a golfer/tennis elbow pain, a tradition Chinese way of applying pressure on some acupunctural points, without needles, herbal rubs etc will be discussed at the next article. Stay tuned.

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