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Ovarian Cyst Removal is Not Always Necessary

By Mary Parker

Every woman fears having to go under the knife for ovarian cyst removal. But it is a measure that is unavoidable when there are serious complications from a cyst in the ovary – but this is a step that is taken as a last alternative. Often, such situations arise because the condition is neglected and left untreated. And practitioners of conventional medicine prescribe removal as the final solution when everything else has failed. However, skeptics nowadays contest that in most cases no surgery is needed and that, quite a few types of cysts may be managed, if only the right treatment option is opted for. Also, they feel that if the patient takes appropriate measures right at the beginning, the final step of surgery will never ultimately have to be taken. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition, you sho


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uld do everything to be aware of the problem and know how severe it is before going in for the option for removing the cyst.

Conditions and factors

Removing the cyst can become a must when the cysts in the ovary are cancerous, or when there is some other complication that is difficult to be resolved with normal treatment. Such conditions may be quite grave and even turn life threatening for the person. But you do not need surgery in all cases. But there are some conditions such as when the cyst gets ruptured that can cause a lot of worry and when this happens, removing might be the only option. But before the final decision is taken on surgery, the physician needs to be thoroughly asked – it might also be a good idea to seek a second opinion before going ahead. Seek an answer to these questions.

• Why is surgery needed?

• Can an alternative treatment remove the ovarian cyst?

• Risks – what are they?

• Can surgery guarantee results?

• What is the recovery time from surgery?

You need also to decide whether you are emotionally ready to deal with surgery or not because surgery can drain most people emotionally. Therefore, you should speak with a counselor to prepare yourself emotionally for it. Also, get completely acquainted with the process of removal and its related factors so that you get a clear idea of the surgery.

The process of removing the ovarian cyst

The process starts once the diagnosis is complete. There are quite a few tests that need to be made and treatments in cases where the surgery is decided upon. But before the surgery is possible, other diseases that the woman suffers from needs to be controlled because otherwise this may lead to unnecessary complications. Those who have diabetes need to either bring up or down the level of sugar in the blood as the case may be so that there is no problem during the surgery. The blood pressure and heart problems also need to be watched carefully since weeks before the surgery. And when the actual process is carried out, in some cases, just the cyst would be removed, but in some instances the ovary itself might have to be removed. Normally surgery is quite safe and there are no risks for the woman’s fertility, even when in cases where both the ovaries need to be removed. However the gynecologist still needs to be consulted before the surgery to get answers for all the questions that may arise. How the surgery is carried out may also not be the same in all cases. Thus, know about the actual process in your case from the surgeon at the start itself. The doctor should tell you about the risks involved in your case. But be aware that there might be problems after the anesthesia has been administered and even when the surgery is carried out and also after it is over. The recovery time may also vary – it can be as little as 2 days or as much as a week.

Alternative for surgery

Even the simplest form of surgery can be traumatic. Hence, many women understandably look for other options when trying to cure their ovarian cyst problem. Though surgery is imperative if conditions are serious, you can take some measures beforehand to prevent it. To help you prevent and treat ovarian cysts, a holistic approach can be especially beneficial. Holistic approach involves the use of multidimensional techniques to help you manage and cure ovarian cysts. Sometimes, even surgery can be ineffective when it comes to restoring the balance in the body which would prevent further occurrence of cysts. This is where holistic approach can work its special magic with its flawless scientific approach. Holistic approach can make use of different remedies along with a sensible plan of action that can help you overcome your problems related to ovarian cysts more effectively. It also scores over conventional treatment as it does not just address the symptoms like the latter, but also works out a cure for the otherwise complicated and challenging ovary cysts. With the holistic approach you can also prevent the complications that may require ovarian cyst removal through surgery.

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